Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson Oil

How to Treat Many Illnesses With Rick Simpson Oil

What is Rick Simpson oil? RSO ( Rick Simpson Oil) is an herbal cannabis oil solution designed to help alleviate the symptoms associated with arthritis. It was created by Rick Simpson, a Canadian medicinal marijuana advocate. RSO is different from many other cannabis oils in that it contains higher concentrations of THC, the main active ingredient.

The major difference between Rick Simpson Oil and other pharmaceutical grade oils, is the concentration of THC present. While most other oils are going to contain anywhere from one to five milligrams of THC, the concentrated version is going to contain ten milligrams of THC.

This means that the dosage is going to be highly potent. However, this strength is not something that is recommended for human consumption, especially since many of the therapeutic benefits of THC come from its highly potent nature. Medical professionals do advise that it might be useful for some people to use, but that it should not be used by young children or anyone who is in a state of depression.

How does it work?

Unlike other types of topical cannabis extracts, this oil only comes in a concentrated form. Because it is in a closed system, it does not need to go through any sort of temperature or pressure change to extract its potency. By working from the oils’ oils, it is able to fully replicate many of the same health benefits found with smoked cannabis.

One of the most important ways that Rick Simpson Oil treats many different diseases and conditions is that it helps to alleviate the symptoms of cancer and other ailments. It is effective in treating chemotherapy patients, those who are undergoing surgery, and anyone who has been diagnosed with any type of cancer. It has even been known to be effective in helping to treat many of the side effects that come as a result of certain forms of cancer treatments.

The concentrated form of Rick Simpson Oil is also effective when it comes to helping to stop the spread of cancer. There have been many studies done using this type of cannabis extract. All of these studies have proven that it is, in fact, one of the best ways to treat cancer.

The active ingredient in Rick Simpson Oil is CBD, which stands for Cannabidiol, which is very similar to THC, but without any of the harmful side-effects that come from being in the marijuana category. In a way, it acts like a weed that keeps the weed from growing, without all of the unwanted side-effects that come along with being in the cannabis category.

As far as how it helps those who are suffering from cancer, the active phytonutrients that are found within Rick Simpson Oil are considered to be effective in fighting off the cancerous cells that are in a person’s body. When these cells begin to multiply out of control, it can lead to a number of different cancers, including breast cancer, prostrate cancer, kidney cancer, and even esophageal cancer.

This is why people have been using this powerful natural remedy to help prevent the spread of cancer in recent years. It seems as though the more we learn about what causes cancer, the more we understand how to prevent them from ever happening in the first place.

Uses Of Rick Simpson Oil

The most common way to use Rick Simpson Oil is to make an essential oil treatment. Many people have successfully used it in their daily routine to help alleviate symptoms for a variety of illnesses and conditions;

Migraine Headaches.


Constant Fatigue.

These are all common complaints. You don’t need prescription drugs or any other medication to make sure you get relief, just a few drops of Rick Simpson Oil in your bath water on a daily basis will do the trick. For people who aren’t comfortable with making their own essential oils, there are plenty of online vendors of rick Simpson oil that will ship them directly to your home. Make sure you read the instructions carefully so you don’t create a dangerous situation for yourself by making an error in judgment.


As with anything else, make sure you follow the directions on the bottle or container closely. You don’t want to overdose on anything, but it can happen if you aren’t careful. For those who are interested in taking a more scientific approach, there are two dosage forms that are available.

You can either purchase Rick Simpson Oil pouches or capsule form, or you can find a good aromatherapy book that can guide you through the process step-by-step. Remember, it is important to make sure you are following the directions, or else you may end up with unwanted side effects that could end up disrupting your daily routine or making it nearly impossible to function

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