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Whole Lotta Runtz is an indica dominant cannabis strain that has been heavily sprayed with THC and has a similar taste. It’s a hybrid of Zkittlez and Gelato. The nugs are dense and completely covered in trichomes. The entire lotta weed strain is a purple weed with white trichomes. This strain’s name adequately describes it.but
Firstly, a lot of weed can be a whole new deal in terms of creativity because it appears to activate inactive parts. A simple joint of this strain can also get you blasted more than you can imagine due to the indica content. You’ll be slapping so loudly that you’ll be able to fit directly into any space. Furthermore, whole lotta weed can help with anxiety and relax the body, allowing you to return to a more grounded state.
The Whole Lotta Runtz strain is essentially Runtz with a THC coating and the same sweet flavor. However, The nugs are dense and completely trichome-covered. The Playboi carti runtz weed strain is a purple weed with white trichomes and a name that adequately describes it.
Moreso, this Indica dominant cannabis strain is the Nero Cut edition, it’s a cross between Zkittlez and Gelato. Nero is part owner of the Runtz brand. Buy Whole Lotta Runtz

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