White  Berry


White Berry marijuana is the offspring of two legendary parents, White Widow and Blueberry. It embodies the traits of both parents.The trichome coverage on this strain is exceptional, making it an ideal candidate for extract production, and the berry aroma is delightful.However it is wonderful for daytime smoking in little doses, but if you go too far, the Indica effects will be much stronger, and you may find yourself glued on the sofa. For stress and anxiety, White Berry cannabis is highly recommended.

One of the great things about this stran is that it won’t completely knock you out. It has a moderate THC level of 18% on average. Sometimes it comes in higher, closer to 22%. But overall it’s tame enough for newer users to enjoy and not experience negative side effects. Nugs of this strain are quite pretty. however they have blue tone to them and a thick layer of frosty trichomes covering the small buds. Easy on the nose, it has a strong and sweet berry smell that transfers over nicely to your palate. A bit of sourness can be detected while smoking, and earthy tones show up as you exhale.

Effects of white berry strain.

It gives users a great combination of effects. It takes on the components of each of its parent strains nicely. Like many hybrids, its sativa side comes out with a boost in mental energy, focus, and creativity. You’ll experience a mellow and relaxed sense of purpose, rather than feeling like you just got jolted. As your high goes on, different tendencies can show up and create a more couch-locked type of sedation. Those who smoke too much at once will get hit with a total body high that renders them nearly useless. So use with caution.

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