Skywalker Og Spray


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Skywalker Og Spray

Skywalker Og Spray.The solution you’re seeking for is Sky Walker OG, locked in a high-quality Terpene Spray Bottle. It’s a one-of-a-kind cross of Mazar x Blueberry and OG Kush. Rare Terpenes’ Terpene Spray Bottle has a traditional earthy perfume and is filled with the goodness of a sweet earthy but pungent profile.

Sky Walker OG Terpene Spray Bottle is ideal for folks who enjoy a floral and citrus flavor profile. This Terpene Spray Bottle is the perfect therapy for a relaxing environment.

Your herbal goods will go mad with the unique aroma and flavor qualities with only a single splash.

What Sets Sky Walker OG Terpene Spray Bottle Apart?

Free of BPA


Free of Toxins

For your product, the best spraying solution is

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10ml, 15ml(1/2oz), 30ml (1oz)


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