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Runtz strain. With its diverse phenotype, the Zourz strain is an indica dominant strain of the runtz family. Zourz is a popular strain among cannabis smokers who are interested in the culture and marketing of cannabis products. The growers named the strain Runtz after its sugary-sweet aromatic and flavor profile, which you may have already guessed. Users will be able to see colors other than green in the bud if it is dried and cured correctly, in addition to the way it looks.
Because it appears to activate inactive parts, the Zourz strain can be a whole new deal when it comes to creativity. A simple joint of this strain can also get you blasted more than you can imagine, thanks to the strong indica content. You’ll be slapping so loudly that you’ll be able to fit into any space. Furthermore, zourz weed can relieve anxiety and relax the body, allowing you to return to a more grounded state.

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