RIPPED EDIBLES – Bulk Guammy Bears (1000mg THC)


Ripped Edibles Packed with four various flavored bears: peach mango, blood orange, strawberry and guava. Each bear is contain 10mg and its tastes as good as it look.

  • Each bottle contains 100 x 10mg candies
  • Ripped Edibles are heavy hitters


RIPPED EDIBLES – Bulk Gummy Bears (1000mg THC)

RIPPED EDIBLES – Bulk Guammy Bears (1000mg THC) . Bulk Gummy Bears is a brand new to the market that aims to spread happiness through medicated candies. Ripped Edibles Bulk Bears is infused with THC Distillate and contain a significant amount of THC to keep you medicated. GELATINE, SUGAR, CORN SYRUP, CITRIC ACID, NATURAL FLAVORS & COLOURING, AND CANNABIS INFUSED MCT OIL ARE INCLUDED IN THE INGREDIENTS. but

Effects and Directions: However, we recommend to start with a 5-10 mg dose for first-time users. Allow 30 to 90 minutes for the full effect of consuming more food. This product contain trace of peanuts, coconut, soy, wheat, and dairy products, according to the manufacturer.


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