Cenderilla’s Dream Pre-Rolled Joints

Cenderilla’s Dream Pre-Rolled Joints from Green Valley USA.Cinderella’s Dream provides a fast-acting, powerful but clean head high. To get to the ball, the Pre-roll does not require glass slippers. Cinex crossed with Blue Dream to create the first Sativa Dominant Hybrid. The pre-roll, like the flower, is designed to get you moving and keep you active and productive while you enjoy this strain. However, we love everything Cinderella has to offer, from her enticing aroma of tropical with sweet citrus fruits to her magical effects. This can best be described as relaxed with energy, stress buster, and great for daytime. Finally, this could be the strain that convinces you of the existence of magic.But

Cinderella’s Dream is a sativa-dominant cross between Cinex and Blue Dream. It has a skunky flavor that combines lemon and citrus flavors with subtle notes of sweet berry. Cinderella’s Dream has a powerful but clearheaded mix of cerebral activity that gives an energetic burst as stress dissipates.

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TYPE: Sativa Hybrid

THC: 18% – 22%

GENETICS: Shiva Skunk x Jack Herer

APPEARANCE: C99 nugs are dense with abundant trichome coverage and light amber-orange hairs.

SMELL: When broken up Cindy has a slight tropical smell

BEST FOR TREATING: Mood enhancement

CREATED FEELINGSCinderella 99 produces an energetic and uplifting buzz.

DURATION: Around 2 hours

SIMILAR STRAINS: Thai, OG Kush and Pineapple Express.

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30 1g @$7, 50 1g @$6, 75 1g @$5, 100 1g @$4


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