Sweaters – Medicated Sour Gummies (600m )


Sweaters Medicated Gummies balance of sweet and with handful fruit flavors. Sweaters Medicated Gummies THC Sour Gummies every packet infuses 600mg.And provide perfect path to enjoy your benefits of cannabis.

  • Each pack contains 20pcs x 30mg THC for a total of 600mg THC
  • It has Resealable seals to keep it fresh.


Buy Medicated Sweaters Sour Gummies

Buy Medicated Sweaters Sour Gummies.These are edible medicated sweaters and sour gummies. They contain no added flavors or colors. Each pack contains 20pieces of 30mg THC, each with a total of 600mg THC per bag.  This product does wonder when consumed. It has Resealable seals to keep it fresh.

Product Information

Sweaters – Medicated Sour Gummies (600m ) are formulated at a dose of 600mg of THC per bag. This is a very high dose, and you require to take care if you would like to use it. With just a little more, you might even not get out your coach. Gummies are edible, and you can share them with friends and relatives, or you just want to keep yourself high.

New to edible?

Precise dosing is essential and requires great experience. With just a little more on these edibles, it may result in an overdose. This happens when you take more bites than you can chew. It is good to take care and control doses when you buy sweaters and medicated sour gummies online when you eat these medicated sweaters and sour gummies. Always ns you take low and go slow as you wait for the effect to take place. You can continue to ingest until you get to desired dose and effects


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