Buy G13: G13 high starts with a euphoric lift that hits you hard with a sense of energy and a slight increase in motivation that doesn’t stay around for very long. As your mind soars through happiness, your body will fall victim to a heavy buzzy effect that will lull you down into a deep sense of laziness and relaxation that lasts for hours and hours on end.

These effects give G13 an advantage in treating conditions such as chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. G13 has a sweet earthy flavor with a skunky smooth exhale that’s surprisingly pleasant. The aroma is powerfully pungent with a rotting skunky berry overtone that can quickly become harsh. G13 buds have lumpy super dense dark olive green spade-shaped nugs.

G-13 Experience

A clone of this powerhouse then somehow managed to escape to the underground cannabis scene in the 70s and 80s. This strain then became more popular when it was showcased in the 1990s hit film, American Beauty. Is any of this true? Who knows. But, it’s a definite fact that this strain packs a punch. It’s unlikely that modern-day G-13 strains are original cuts.

However, marijuana consumers still love this Indica for the potent body high and cerebral, euphoric effects. You might feel a quick surge in creativity before the slow-onset physical effects kick in. Medical cannabis consumers like G-13 for treating chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, inflammation, and gastrointestinal distress.

Stress, pain, and headaches are also left by the wayside after G-13. Though, the Indica genetics of this herb make it best for evening and nighttime use. This strain’s relaxing effects are accompanied by a strong, earthy sweet aroma.

Traits of G-13 and G-13 Seeds

According to legend, this strain is the product of experiments conducted by the CIA in the 1960s. It is said to be derived from pure Afghani clones which were labeled G-1 through 23 of which G-13 was the most powerful. Though its true origins are unknown.

This clone-only strain has an earthy sweet aroma that will remind you of wild berries. This strain’s distinct skunky, earthy smell is an unmistakably unique and worthy of its fabled status. If the legend behind this strain has ever been in doubt its sweet pine taste puts those questions right to bed.

Buy G13 Medical Benefits of G-13

While its origins are unknown, this strain has become popular today among doctors and medical marijuana patients for its medicinal effects. Patients praise this strain for its uplifting qualities and relaxing effects as a pain reliever.

  • As an Indica-dominant, this strain is best used at nighttime but is also known to have cerebral effects that induce happiness and make it a perfect strain for depression
  • The relaxing Indica qualities of this strain make it an effective treatment for insomnia and pain relief for migraines, joint pain and muscle spasms

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