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Buy 99 Problem Strain

Buy 99 Problem Strain. 99 Problems is a sativa dominant hybrid strain. Its made up of a 70:30 (sativa/indica). Its originated from mixing the powerful White 99 and Stardawg strains.

After just one nice little toke of this bud, you’ll have absolutely no difficulties in both mind and body. The 99 Problems high is incredibly energetic while also being calming, with effects that will get your mind working while also allowing your body to relax.
A raised sense will hit you practically as soon as you exhale, elevating your spirits into a pleasant and ecstatic mood. This is full of heightened energy and creativity. This heady lift is accompanied by a relaxing body high that allows you to stretch out and relax. Or also get up and start exercising, fully discomfort and pain-free. These effects, combined with its exceptionally high average THC level of 25-31 percent. This make 99 Problems an excellent choice for treating problems including chronic fatigue, depression, chronic stress, ADD or ADHD, nausea, and appetite loss.
On exhalation, this bud has a sweet, juicy cherry flavor with traces of fresh diesel and spicy herbs. A pungent spicy overtone is complemented by a punch of peppery diesel and delicious blueberries in the fragrance. This is extremely comparable. This bud features big, enormous spade-shaped nugs with a coating of milky white crystal trichomes and a lot of bright orange hairs.

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