Animal Cookies Pre-Rolled Joints




Animal Cookies Pre-Rolled Joints

Animal Cookies Pre-Rolled Joints. Also known as “Animal Crackers,” is a cannabis hybrid created by crossing two legendary strains, GSC and Fire OG. It is a lot easier to differentiate indica hybrid from Sativa hybrid by simply examining the leaves. When it comes to real Sativa hybrid, its tall and scraggly with wiry stocks and thin leaves. Indica hybrid plants on the other hand, is short and bushy in appearance. Indica leaves is usually broad and ready for anything.
Sativa is home to Mexico, Central America, and Southeast Asia, where they grow in warm conditions. Due to the sativa equatorial habitat, these plants prefer heat and the outdoors. Healthy sativa plants can grow up to 18 feet tall under ideal conditions.
In terms of stimulation, a good sativa should be comparable to a strong cup of coffee.  Sativa is typically use during the day because of its powerful cerebral effects. The uplifting and creative effects of sativa are sought after by many marijuana consumers.

These plants tend to be lighter in scent than indica, with a more fruity flavor and aroma.

However, having pre-rolled joints on hand is becoming more and more popular as time passes. With no stems or leaves, each joint is a pure bud with no stems or leaves. All-natural, unbleached RAWcone joints with a filter tip.But
Most other places’ pre-rolls are 0.5g, done in regular size rollies, and possibly machine packed.Feel the difference with ours, which come in a cone size rollie weighing 0.8g and are hand rolled with care.

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10 1g @$10, 30 1g @$5, 50 1g @$4, 75 1g @$3, 100 1g @$2


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